What to Do and Not do for Travel Insurance

What to Do and Do’t do for Travel Insurance

Here are the things to do and do not do while buying travel insurance.

Do this

  • Plan your travel insurance, enough time ahead, just as you make plans for your visa and other things
  • After making compulsory medical checkups and receiving expected medical reports, fill out the proposal form completely and accurately.
  • Plan the travel period, make enough time in advance and make sure your insurance covers the entire duration
  • If you want to extend the cover, plan it before the cover ends and entrust the document to the insurer.
  • Make sure that you have read the policy document in full, and note the contact details of the agency servicing the claims, so that it is not available immediately for you in an emergency
  • If you are deducting your travel duration, check your policy to see if you are eligible for a refund or not.

Do not do it

  • Do not avoid your travel insurance for the last moments.
  • Do not get inspired to take cover according to your travel agent’s recommendation. Gather as much information as possible and choose your own option.
  • Do not be motivated to choose the cheapest cover, because it may not be enough according to your needs.