Buy travel insurance

Buy travel insurance

The scope and benefits of the cover offered by various insurance companies vary. You should investigate enough to ensure that you have taken the policy as per your requirement. The following covers are generally provided under travel insurance-although their combination may vary. However this list is not complete.

  • Medical expenses with or without cashless facility (Most travel insurance products offer cashless facility)
  • Personal accident
  • Lose luggage
  • Delay in arrival of goods
  • Missing passport
  • Delay in travel
  • Home repatriation
  • Carcass transportation

The proposed insured amount can vary, and therefore the rates of premium, which depend on the questioning country, are different from other factors, such as age, period of travel.

You must make good the study of the exclusion provisions. Wherever you have any doubts, then inquire with your insurer and / or agent or broker. Generally the following is not covered:

  • Pre-existing diseases
  • War risks
  • Suicide and Mania
  • extreme sports
Some exclusions can also be related to personal aspects.
It is very important for you to understand what to do when the claim situation arises abroad. Generally, hotline numbers are given in the policies on which claims / claims should be reported. You should also inform local authorities like the police, embassy, ​​transport company etc. as applicable. The insurer should also be notified. Usually there is a claim form in each travel insurance policy docket because you are in a remote location and are not in a position to receive an immediate claim form.