Travel Insurance

Why Travel Insurance

Travel insurance provides you insurance when traveling. Travel insurance can be addressed by insurance companies with different names. It is important for you to check it and understand that the policy covers travel or foreign trips or both within the country. Travel insurance protects you and / or your family from accidents due to travel related accidents, unexpected medical expenses, loss of passports, missing passports etc. and disruptions or delays in flight, or arrears of luggage etc. is.

It is very important for you to read and understand that what is actually covered in the policy you are considering. Eliminate all your doubts by asking your insurer and / or agent or broker and thoroughly studying the terms and conditions of the cover. Travel insurance generally provides cover for a specific period of travel. Although some insurance companies can offer a diverse combination of security to meet the specific needs of the customers; For example, there may be a special policy for high officials who often travel.