Things to do and not to do for motor insurance

Motor Insurance: What to Do and Do not
Traveling by road is a reality and it is full of dangers. An accident can destroy lives and families. In the event of such a tragedy, insurance helps in financial aid. Some forms of motor insurance are legally mandatory, so you must be familiar with motor insurance.

Here are some things to buy and do not do while purchasing motor insurance

Do this
Whenever you buy a motor insurance policy, you should do the following:

  • Note that you can buy this policy through anybody and it is not the obligation to buy it through your vehicle’s dealer.
  • Fill the proposal form yourself, even if the vehicle dealer has arranged for insurance
  • Fill the proposal form carefully, factually and completely
  • Keep a copy of the completed proposal for your record
  • Read Policy Brochures / Statement Details to know what is covered and what not
  • Ask for information about add-on covers, which can be available, and select which is suitable for you
  • Assign a registration book, permit and driving license to the insurance company for verification
  • Ensure that you have updated (updated) these documents with the concerned authorities

Do not do it

  • Do not fill your proposal form with any other
  • Do not leave any columns blank
  • Do not forget to renew your policy without any intervals
  • When buying a used car, do not forget to ask about the right procedures in relation to insurance beforehand.
  • Do not fill in wrong announcements about the actual use of the vehicle insured