How to Claim – Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Claim

Travel Insurance Claims Formulas

Travel insurance policy is usually a package policy, which covers different types of cover, such as hospital recruitment, personal accident, loss/damage to baggage, missing passports, and others.
The procedures and documents required for a claim vary from one to the other. All these are mentioned in your policy document.
In order to facilitate the processes and your convenience, the insurers often attach the claim form to the policy document.

It contains a list of documents that need to be made in the event of a claim, and the destination of the country you are traveling on or in another country, the Claim Administrator, who receives a claim notice on your behalf. And have been designated to process, contact details including phone numbers are also given.
Since this is a package policy with a wide range of cover and procedures, it is very important that you have already made yourself aware of necessary procedures and paperwork in the event of a claim.