How to Claim – Health insurance

Health insurance Claim

Forms of Health Insurance Claim

You can claim in two ways under a health insurance policy:

  1. On a cash basis and
  2.  As reimbursable claim

On a non-cash basis: 

In order to make a Health insurance Claim on a non-cash basis, you should be treated only in a hospital with a third party administrator (TPA) network servicing your policy. You should seek permission to get treatment on a cashless basis and the permission given in the specified form. Rather than waiting for the Health insurance Claim to arise, read the policy documents as soon as they find out about the processes themselves.

On reimbursement basis:

For the process of making a claim on a reimbursement basis and for the information of the requisite documents, as soon as you obtain your Health insurance policy document, read the relevant provision. If any claim arises, you should inform the insurer according to the expected procedures. After the hospitalization, you will have to make sure that you have prepared the claim form, discharge summary, medicines, and bills etc., which you have to submit for claiming.