How to Claim – Motor Insurance

Motor insurance claim

The claim under Motor Insurance Policy can be

  • Personal damage, or damages related to any other property. This person is called the third party in this context, or When your own, insured vehicle is damaged. This is called self-injury claim and you are eligible for it only if you have taken the package or the overall policy.

Third party motor insurance claim

It is important to ensure that the third party motor insurance claim originated as a result of your vehicle
The police and the insurer should report the accident immediately.
On the other hand, if you are suffering, that is, it has arisen as a result of someone else’s vehicle, then you must obtain the motor insurance details of that vehicle and the insurer of that vehicle should send a notice.

Self-claim claim

  • In the event of a self-indemnity motor insurance claim, i.e., that caused your accident due to an accident, you should immediately inform the insurance company and the police, as it is necessary to assess the loss Can send a surveyor.
  • Do not try to remove the vehicle from the spot without the permission of the police and the insurance company.
  • After getting permission, you can remove the vehicle.
  • If your policy has a cashless facility, which means that you do not have to pay with your pocket for the damages covered, in such a case the insurer will pay directly to the workshop.
  • In any of these situations, you must inform the insurance company immediately.

Theft claim

  • The immediate police and the insurance company should inform. In addition, you must also inform the Transport Department about the incident.
  • Instead of waiting for the claim to arise, you should read the process for the claims and the required documents as soon as you receive the policy document.
  • If you have to motor insurance claim, make sure that you have collected all the requisite documents and submit them to the insurer properly with the due claim form filled in properly.
  • Certain types of documents may be required for specific types of motor insurance claims. For example, claiming theft is a special requirement that you have to collect the keys of the vehicle, in the insurance company.